Saturday, September 14, 2013

ZTE Warp Sequent Manual Guide

ZTE Warp Sequent Manual Guide - Read the review before downloading the manual is really recommended. You have to hand it to ZTE. Amid its seemingly infinite supply of mediocre handsets and mounting security concerns, the Chinese phone manufacturer raised the bar just a bit. Disregarding the ZTE Warp Sequents oddball name (I know its the successor to the Warp, but whats this name supposed to evoke anyway -- two warps whirling one after another?), it has more higher-end specs than what weve seen in past ZTE handsets, and its performance isnt plagued with buggy software or glacial internal speeds. To put it frankly, this is one ZTE handset that isnt a total disappointment.

The ZTE Warp Sequent has a more premium feel than any ZTE device Ive handled, and it reminds me somewhat of the last two Nexuses (which is a huge improvement, as far as ZTE goes). The general shape is the same: a slab with rounded corners, and top and bottom edges that curve slightly outward. But this handset is smaller, measuring 5 inches tall, 2.56 inches wide, and 0.39 inch thick. Weighing 4.6 ounces, its not heavy, but it feels solid and dense. Though its a snug fit in small jean pockets, its comfortable to hold in my hands, or pinned between my face and shoulder.

Download ZTE Warp Sequent Manual Guide

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